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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Prime, Optimus

One day old

The proud mommy- 1st day of CNY

Daddy with little Gary
abandoned to play on his own

sleepy head

the Godfather and Godmother

1st week
crying for milk

after milking- stoned

dressing up for CNY

"hi babe" *wink wink*


Blogger Ann said...

Superduper cool! What a bundle of joy!

Hope daddy and mummy are enjoying 1) every single sleepless night (errr...moment),
2) big and small whimpers (they get louder as the days go by!),
3) cleaning up poop (they smell worse when they start eating!)
4) and every cute antic, little yawn and adorable smile.

The final one makes all the 3 worth while!

11:42 AM


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