As long as it is day, we must do the work of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work.(John 9:4)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Me next...

It's been more than 2 months since i graduated from school.
After graduation, what's next? More graduations...???
Heheheee..not kidding you, that i'm in for another graduation!
Altho no prominent dean or chairman from some renown Christian school going to be featured in this coming graduation, it's nevertheless a graduation that i've been waiting for all these years (yes, i have thought of graduating from this since i was just a lil' girl)! And i'm going to be rewarded with simply the best award ever in my lifetime.

People...i'm getting married *clappp clappp yaYy yayyyyyy* Yeap, i know... he is a lucky person.. wouldn't say he's the luckiest..because the "luckiest" award goes to me :) and he knows it.

Another graduation, another phase of life. Am i ready to be a wife? Man..can't answer that. I'll write again after the months of honeymooning stage lar (base on the statistics, hus and wife usually starts their first fight after 6 months, and that is if no baby is on the way).

Unprepared as i seem to be... i am excited over the preparation to walk down the isle. As the bride, it's all about being beautiful, graceful, all smiles, and calm..yes, calm! I have been rehearsing in my head 'dun trip over my dad', 'dun touch the face too much it wld smear the makeup', 'look happy', 'practise the perfect kiss', 'thank all who help out', and 'dun THANK MY DAD'..the last time i did that, i couldn't go on with my speech for 10 seconds...hey, i could be sentimental wat. I'm more than jokes and counseling ok.

Hope to upload some photos in few days time.. busy CNY for me this year, but nevertheless the excitement i have for this CNY is more than all the years combined.

Another graduation, another chapter, another challenge, another work of God in me. longer waiting at the airport waiting for my pickup.


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